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In the beginning...


Well, here goes...

I've had a blog before, but it didn't reach much of an audience because frankly, it wasn't that good. I blogged some inspiration every once and then, but most of the time I didn't have much to say, so I guess it actually died before it lift off...

That was when I was still in school, but this is different. Now that I'm working of a variety of projects, maybe I wanna give something back to the business and maybe back-up some tricks and thoughts for in case my memory should fail me. There's enough space on the web for one more backup, right?

And so I rebooted the idea of starting a blog. This time in hopes of reaching a bigger audience, with adding value to the web development business that I like so much (yeah, don't get me started, I'm living the dream!).

Hope you like this introduction for the blog.
Oh, and be sure to give some feedback below. Tips are always welcome!
Pretty Please?