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What if I told you that you can protect your mailbox and your time from (most of the) spam with just one little trick? Don't believe me? Keep reading.

So I've got this theory, it might not be a new one, but it's my very first own theory, so bear with me. My little theory goes like this...

So everyone knows bots make most of the spam, right?
Most bots tend to fill in every field they can find on a website, usually with promotional stuff nobody want to receive in their inbox.


Everybody has their list of modules they use very often or that are included in (almost) every project. Despite the fact that Drupal has stepped into its new era with the coming of Drupal 8, I'd like to set up my very own list for Drupal 7 in light of legacy purposes. 

Call it a form of documentation, if you will.

Before I kick things off, I'd like to mention that I hand-picked some specific modules Drupal.org has to offer. This means that the obvious modules such as Views (now in the Drupal 8 core), Webform, i18n, etc. aren't listed. Every other developer has them in their list, so it would be overkill to add them to my list as well... 


I've had a blog before, but it didn't reach much of an audience because frankly, it wasn't that good. I blogged some inspiration every once and then, but most of the time I didn't have much to say, so I guess it actually died before it lift off...

That was when I was still in school, but this is different. Now that I'm working of a variety of projects, maybe I wanna give something back to the business and maybe back-up some tricks and thoughts for in case my memory should fail me. There's enough space on the web for one more backup, right?